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Year 6 News

Table Maths!

Year 6 have been trying different ways to revise for their SATS tests, but the opportunity to write on tables was by far the most fun! In carousel groups, children had to:

  • write down key facts
  • write steps to success
  • solve the problem step-by-step

The activity was such a success, other year groups will now be having a go! Super job, year 6!

World Book Day!

After disruptive snow days and lots and lots of revision, year 6 were able to let their hair down to celebrate World Book Day 2018 on the last day of spring term. Our class reader was Harry Potter, so the children were given the chance to act out their favourite scene from The Philosopher’s Stone, where Harry meets Voldemort for the first time! We also watched the film and made social media ‘profiles’ for our favourite Harry Potter characters.

n[/ezcol_1quarter_end]Drugs Awareness and Peer Pressure

In January, year 6 took part in a discussion about drugs awareness and coping with peer pressure. Children were engaged and keen to share their own thoughts and views, asking lots of fantastic questions in the process! The pupils took part in a quiz at the end of the session to gauge their understanding and share their opinions. Many thanks to the Life Caravan for providing such an engaging and informative session!

Year 6’s Environmental Fashion Show!

Year 6 have been learning about how people adapt to different environments around the world. We learned how to create fashion sketches and wrote a script for a fashion show before creating our very own environmentally-friendly outfits to parade down the catwalk!






Year 6 Topic – ‘Our Wonderful World’

Year 6 have been learning about the issues that threaten the beauty of planet earth, such as pollution and deforestation. Here is a picture of us doing a Socratic talk activity where we discussed, ‘is it that important to preserve the lives of endangered species?’ Children debated in different roles as others noted down persuasive features each character used. The responses were excellent and will help us in our persuasive letter writing in the run up to Christmas!

Anti-bullying Week (November 13th-17th)


For anti-bullying week, year 6 focused on the different roles of bullying and played out scenarios as bullies, victims and bystanders.

We recapped the different ways in which children can be bullied, what defines bullying and how to spot the signs if someone is being bullied.

The children were very sensible and offered fantastic suggestions. We will focus on stereotyping and the danger of making assumptions for the rest of the autumn term.




Autumn 1 Highlights

Class Brazil perfecting some capoeira moves (a Brazilian martial art-style dance). Amazing!


We didn’t let rain stop us from having a sports day in September!

Year 6 had a great time using post-it notes to create a visual timeline from the beginning of time to today!

Hasan helped his group sort animals into different habitats!

Bradford Royal Infirmary nurses came to teach us how to perform CPR. Then we created information texts to act out!






















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