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Year 6 News


It is great to have two Year 6 bubbles back at school and we have been working hard and having fun each day.

We are reading the book ‘Boy 87’ about a boy who has to leave his family and travel to Europe alone, just like many young people in some parts of the world today.

We are also enjoying playing cricket and doing our Daily Mile challenge every day.

Today we have created our own chalk patterns based on Ethiopian art linked to ‘Boy 87.’

This week we are doing lots of fun Science experiments.

Check out the pictures below…

Lava lamps


Rainbow skittles

Making water walk!

Who am I?!

Socially distant PE is tricky but we had fun doing athletics today.

Long jump



Speed bounce challenge…

One touch football…

Power of Reading

Year 6 have been trialling a new way of learning, based on the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education’s (CLPE) Power of Reading project. Our children have focused on two books so far, Francesca Sanna’s The Journey, which tells a story about a family of refugees who are forced to leave their war-torn country in order to find safety in a new place. The children produced some outstanding work and understood the terribly unfortunate situation that many people face each day around the world.

Linking literacy to our topic, environmental issues, we are now learning all about varmints(!) using the text Varmints by Helen Ward and Mark Craste. Below you will find some pictures of our inference activity, where we had to imagine and draw what we thought a varmint might look like, based solely on a dictionary definition. Keep checking back to see more amazing images!

tell me grid

remembering our favourite experience

destroying our favourite experience and describing feelings

our thoughts and feelings

using metaphor

free-verse poetry

An email to our friend, persuading them to leave a war-torn country

pop-up poetry

pop-up poetry, based on The Raven

Maryams amazing pop-up poetry!

An email to our friend, persuading them to leave a war-torn country

what would you take if you had to flee your home?








































art gallery discussion

So…what is a varmint?

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