Year 4

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During Autumn 1 in Year 4 through English, Reading and Science we have been learning about Living things, habitats and climate change. The children have produced some wonderful ‘Outsider Stories’ about animals that have ended up in a different habitat that they are not adapted because of a Tsunami, ice melting, volcanic eruption and deforestation.  The children have also performed a poem about ‘One broken planet’ and enjoyed working scientifically producing classification keys, food chains and branching keys.

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Autumn 2

During Autumn 2 we have been learning about Animals including Humans.  We have been learning how to brush and look after our teeth.  We conducted a fair/comparative test using egg shells (teeth) and different liquids – milk, orange juice, apple juice and cola.  We predicted that cola would decay your teeth the most and were surprised to find out that apple juice caused more tooth decay.  We have also been learning about how amazing and clever our digestive system is…..

We also used microscopes and we felt like Scientists looking at bacteria.  It was so cool to magnify small objects especially looking at our own hair and nails.