Lister Primary School

Year 3 News



We really enjoyed going to the Life Caravan this week.  We learnt about different things that can help or harm our bodies such as sleep (Year 3 children need 10 hours sleep each day!), tobacco, exercise and medicine.  We also found out some interesting facts about our amazing bodies.  Did you know we have over 600 muscles in our body?!  We performed an assembly to the whole school about what we had learnt in the Life Caravan.  Thank you to Lucy for another fantastic week – we look forward to next year’s visit!




To mark the end of our Chocolate topic we made chocolate rice crispy buns.  YUM YUM!

Christmas is nearly here and we have been enjoying getting our classroom ready.  We have been opening the doors on the Advent calendar each day and had fun decorating our class Christmas tree.


We have been enjoying doing lots of team building activities and thinking about how we can improve our communication skills…


We have been learning about magnets in Science.  We tested out magnetic games as research before creating our own magnetic games.



We have been doing lots of fun activities to help with our understanding of place value.  We made a human number line of numbers to 1000 – look at those faces!!

Our topic this half term is ‘The Journey of the Banana.’ We started by using our senses to describe a banana – can you guess which sense we liked using the best? (CLUE: yum yum!)


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