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Year 3 News

Summer 1 – Trip to Cartwright Hall

Year 3 have been learning all about different artists and how they use various materials to create landscape and cityscapes. We visited Cartwright Hall and took part in a special workshop , learning about artists from Bradford and how to create artwork using specialist materials. We created our own maps of Bradford in groups too!

Have a look at some of the pictures from our exciting trip!!


 Spring 1


Life Caravan

This half term we had a chance to visit the Life Caravan.

We learnt about our brain and our body!


“In the Life Caravan we learnt about what harms and helps the body. When we were in the Life Caravan we saw Tom and learnt about different parts of the body.” Haleema

“We me Jane and Tom. Tom was the body and we discovered what some of the body parts do by making them light up.” Laraib

“We pretended to send a message to the brain. It was fun.” Haseeb

“My favourite part was learning about our health.” Aleesa

 We made mini greenhouses!


We also wrote acrostic poems in groups!

Download (DOCX, 142KB)


 Autumn 2

We won golden tickets!




Which meant we got to make a yummy chocolate dessert on Christmas Jumper Day!




We love acting and performing to

the rest of the class!


Here we are hot seating in English!


As well as performing poetry in Geography!

Sports Day Fun!!


As part of Sports Day, India designed new badges for India’s cricket team. Look what an amazing job they did.

Look what we’ve been doing in Science!!

We have been learning about plants. We have been looking at the different parts of the plants and talking about what they are called and what job they do for the plant.

Here are some of our science words for this half term:

stem, root, petal, leaves, soil, sunlight, water, grow, seed and bean.

BCFC Self Esteem Workshop

We had a fun and educational day at Bradford City Football Club. First we had a look at the football ground. After that we went to our classroom for the day to learn about how we can build up or own self esteem and help other people to build up theirs.

 Here is what some of the children said about our visit:


“The room was amazing.”


“It was very good.”

Aleesa and Ayyan

“It was fun.”




In Autumn 1 we learnt all about Fair Trade in Geography and History. To celebrate the end of this topic we learnt a poem and performed it in teams to the rest of the class.

Have a look at our performances! 🙂





Wear It Wild Day!!

Thank you for all your effort and support for Wear It Wild Day. We all had so much fun. We learnt about different animals in English, decided on our favourite animal in Maths. We also got our faces painted and made a Fierce Fruit Salad.






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