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We hope you find this page informative and useful, keeping you up-to-date with what’s currently happening in Reception.

If there is anything else you want to know just ask any member of the reception team.


We are busy little learners, have a look to see what we will be doing while we are at school.

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Summer 2

Our end of year picnic was so much fun. Thank you to all the parents who could join us.

It’s the last half term, but we still have lots of learning to do.

In Maths we have been adding and taking away


And doubling

We’ve also been measure objects around our learning environment

As well as making patterns

We have also been talking and writing about our favourite books:

“My favourite part is when the Big Bad Wolf blows the house down”.

“My favourite part is when he bumps them on the head. It’s funny!”.

“I like this book because it is funny”.


“My favourite part is when the balloon lift the house”.


“I like this book because the lion eats the boy”.

Nell Bank

We are learning about minibeasts this half term.  We will be sharing lots of books to find out information about the different minibeasts that we can find in our environment.

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This half term we will be going on a trip to Nell Bank to go on a bear hunt.  Look out for pictures after we have been.


Summer 1

We are learning about Traditional Tales. We will be sharing lots of traditional tales with the children.

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This Is what we have been learning during this half term:

In English

We have learnt the  story of The 3 Little Pigs. As part of our learning we drawn story maps and tested different materials to find out which materials would be the best to build the pigs a new home.



We have continued to learn our sounds to half us with our reading and our writing. Please continue to support your child at home. They are making amazing progress.

In Maths

We have continued to learn different ways to add and take away.

We have also been learning how to count on from different numbers.


Counting in 10s.


We investigated different materials to decide what would make the strongest house.


Spring 2


Have a look at our medium term plan.

Download (PDF, 248KB)

This half term we have had so much fun.

We went on a visit to the farm.

It was so exciting!!



And some eggs arrived in our classroom.

Some chicks hatched out of them.


In Maths, we have been counting…




and learning how to taking away.


In English we have been busy as well.



And spelling.


We also like to be creative.

We making lots of different things.


Spring 1 


This is what we will be learning during this half term

Download (PDF, 161KB)


We’re busy little learners. Have a look at our timetable.

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In Maths

We have been matching numbers and amounts



We have also been ordering numbers.

IMG_1359     IMG_1349       IMG_1347

And beginning to learning how to add.

IMG_2107 IMG_2110

In Phonics and English

We write our names morning.



We are continuing to learn phonics everyday.

Here are some of our Jolly Phonic actions.











We are sounding out and spelling words.



As well as learning another new story together.

The 3 Billy Goats Gruff


And making up some of our own.


The 3 Spidermans by Muhammad Isa


 The 3 Wolves by Abdul Mateen

Autumn 2

This have term we will be learning about our sense and how to keep happy, healthy and safe.

Please look at our medium term plan to see the different activities that we will be doing.

Download (PDF, 184KB)

This half terms Talk for Writing text:



Can you use our story map to retell the story?

Download (PDF, 228KB)

We have been innovating our stories by changing the characters and the turnip. Take a look at our AMAZING story maps and innovations!

Autumn 1

This half term we will be learning about people who are important to us.

Please look at our medium term plan to see the different activities that we will be doing and how you can support your child at home.

Download (PDF, 182KB)


Please see the parents information leaflet to help support your child.

Download (PDF, 256KB)

Useful Websites:

Click the images below

phonics playMR Thorne does phonicsBBC Bitesize PhonicPhoneme pop

Busy Books

Busy books will be sent home every Friday with an activity for the children to do at home.

Please remember to bring the books back by the following Wednesday so that we can see their amazing work!

Guided Reading

Guided reading books will be sent home every day. Please read with your child every day and record this in their reading records. If you have any questions you can write these down in the reading records so that we can help and support you and your child. We have a chart in the classroom where children who have read at home each day will get a smiley face.


Children will take part in a weekly P.E session on a Wednesday. The children will take their shoes and socks off and do not need to bring P.E kits. If your child wears a dress/ skirt with tights, it may be more suitable to wear trousers and socks on this day.

Library Times

Children will visit the school library every Wednesday and take a book home.

Please talk about the book with your child at home and return the following week so that they can choose a new book.

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