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JULY 2018

BUTTERFLY UPDATE…today we let the butterflies out of their Hatching Habitat into the outside world.  Some were a bit reluctant to leave but soon found their wings and we waved goodbye!

CATERPILLAR UPDATE… the butterflies have emerged from the chrysalides!!!!  Their wings are soft and crumpled but as the butterflies start to stretch they will force liquid into their veins to strengthen their wings.  We are feeding the butterflies with apple, banana and nectar.


JUNE 2018

CATERPILLAR UPDATE…the caterpillars have each formed a chrysalis and have been hanging from the lid.  Today we moved them into their Hatching Habitat ready for when they make a hole in their chrysalis and transform into butterflies.  We have put flowers in their Hatching Habitat so that the butterflies can feed on their nectar when they appear…



We had a fantastic Eid party with our grown ups.  There was lots of dancing, lots of delicious food and lots of fun!


We had a visit from Chae Strathie, the Scottish author of children’s books such as Gorilla Loves Vanilla and Dear Dinosaur.  We learnt how books are made and enjoyed listening to some of Chae’s stories.



We have had a very special parcel this week. We opened the box to find some tiny caterpillars! We are looking forward to watching them grow and are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.


We had a visit from Laura at The Dogs Trust and her dog Winnie.  We learnt how to stay safe around dogs and how to look after them.

MAY 2018

We had a party day for the Royal Wedding.

We had a fantastic day at Thornton hall farm.

MARCH 2018

We dressed up as our favourite story characters to celebrate World Book Day and enjoyed lots and lots of stories throughout the day.  One child said “We read books because we love stories.”

It’s been raining too much to play outside so we went to the Sports Hall  to play some running games….


We had lots of fun in the snow!



We have enjoyed playing with the chicks and watching them grow.  We were very sad to say goodbye to them but they were getting too big for their brooder box so they have gone back to the farm.

DAY 4: One more egg has hatched overnight…so now there are 6!

We have moved some of the older chicks into a bigger box.  It is called a brooder box.  The younger chicks are still in the incubator.


DAY 3: Our first chicks have hatched!!!!! Three hatched overnight and the children were sooooo excited to see two more hatch today.

Click on the link below to watch the video of one of our eggs hatching!



Both classes enjoyed visiting the Life Education Caravan before half term.  We learnt all about our bodies and how to keep them healthy.

We had a visit from a police officer in Reception.  His name was PC Sam and he talked to us about the work that police officers do to help us.  We even had chance to dress up as police officers!

We hope you all had a fantastic break over Christmas and are excited about the year ahead.  All the children did a fantastic job of performing the story of the Nativity before the holidays.  We are very proud of them and we are sure all their parents are too!


Our Nativity


Here are some of the activities we have been enjoying…


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